The Executive Leadership Council's Scholarships

Appointed by President Barack Obama to chair the Military Compensation, Retirement and Modernization Commission, Alphonso Maldon is a former officer in the United States Army who has built an extensive career in government and banking. Outside of his professional pursuits, Alphonso Maldon is an affiliated member of the Executive Leadership Council (ELC).

Founded in 1986 by a group of 19 African-Americans, the ELC focuses on developing successful black executives throughout the world. One way the group achieves its goal is through five annual scholarships.

The Alvaro L. Martins Scholarship was created in honor of one of the ELC's founding members and is awarded to black male undergraduate students attending top Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The Ann Fudge Scholarship is named in honor of the first woman chair of ELC and is available to undergraduate black female students attending HBCUs. 

The Award for Excellence in Business Commentary is open to all black undergraduate students, with winners being selected through a national writing competition focused on business trends and issues. Likewise, the National Business Case Competition is specific to business students at certain schools, but is a graduate scholarship in which entrants are asked to inventively solve a given problem for a corporation. Finally, the Praxair Engineers of Tomorrow Scholarship is available to black undergraduate students pursuing a chemical or mechanical engineering degree.