Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Executive Leadership Council's Scholarships

Appointed by President Barack Obama to chair the Military Compensation, Retirement and Modernization Commission, Alphonso Maldon is a former officer in the United States Army who has built an extensive career in government and banking. Outside of his professional pursuits, Alphonso Maldon is an affiliated member of the Executive Leadership Council (ELC).

Founded in 1986 by a group of 19 African-Americans, the ELC focuses on developing successful black executives throughout the world. One way the group achieves its goal is through five annual scholarships.

The Alvaro L. Martins Scholarship was created in honor of one of the ELC's founding members and is awarded to black male undergraduate students attending top Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The Ann Fudge Scholarship is named in honor of the first woman chair of ELC and is available to undergraduate black female students attending HBCUs. 

The Award for Excellence in Business Commentary is open to all black undergraduate students, with winners being selected through a national writing competition focused on business trends and issues. Likewise, the National Business Case Competition is specific to business students at certain schools, but is a graduate scholarship in which entrants are asked to inventively solve a given problem for a corporation. Finally, the Praxair Engineers of Tomorrow Scholarship is available to black undergraduate students pursuing a chemical or mechanical engineering degree.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Executive Leadership Council Hosted 30th Anniversary Gala in 2016

Based in Washington, DC, Alphonso Maldon serves as the president and chief executive officer of Partnership Strategies Consulting, which offers business development and government affairs solutions. Alphonso Maldon belongs to several professional associations, including the Executive Leadership Council (ELC)

The ELC began in 1986 when 19 corporate professionals gathered to form an organization that develops African American business leaders. It seeks to increase the number of these leaders both within the United States and internationally.

An annual event sponsored by the ELC is its Anniversary Gala. The organization held its 30th Anniversary Gala on November 3, 2016, at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC. More than 3,000 guests, including noted senior executives and leading CEOs, attended the event. 

Held each fall, the gala pays tribute to business leaders and corporations that support diversity and inclusion. The event highlighted scholarship winners and celebrated the year’s accomplishments. In addition, Dr. Clifton A. Wharton Jr. and Dolores D. Wharton received the 2016 Lifetime Legacy Award, celebrating their careers as business pioneers. Dr. Wharton was the first African American to become CEO of a prominent American corporation when he began leading the life insurance company TIAA-CREF. His wife was a corporate director and arts supporter.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Partnership Strategies Consulting and Its Team

Alphonso Maldon, Jr., was appointed by President Obama to serve as the chairman of the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission in 2013. Alphonso Maldon, Jr., also functions as the president and CEO of Partnership Strategies Consulting in Washington, DC, which he established in 2004.

Focused on delivering government affairs and strategic business development advisory services and solutions, Partnerships Strategies Consulting operates in both the public and private sectors. The firm relies on its core team of military veterans and seasoned business professionals, including Mr. Maldon, Eddie Darnell Evans, and Roman Chanclon, to provide strategic planning services that range from market research to personnel evaluations. Each member of the team at Partnerships Strategies Consulting brings a unique skill set and past experiences to the firm. 

Mr. Maldon served in the U.S. Armed Forces for more than two decades and previously provided policy advice for the management of military and civilian personnel to former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Mr. Evans specializes in health care and the pharmaceutical industry, having spent 18 years of his career at pharmaceutical manufacturer sanofi and 21 years in the U.S. Army promoting its health care programs. Meanwhile, Mr. Chanclor is an accomplished business leader with a deep pool of knowledge in sales and business development. He focuses on utilizing technology and marketing to enhance business and generate higher revenues.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Joint Forces Staff College - Joint Advanced Warfighting School (JAWS)

Prior to beginning his professional career, Alphonso Maldon attended the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, where he received a master of arts degree in human relations. Alphonso Maldon also attended the Army Organizational Effectiveness Management School in Monterey, California, and the Joint Forces Staff College. 

Located in Norfolk, Virginia, the Joint Forces Staff College is designed to provide advanced education for national security professionals through programs such as the Joint Advanced Warfighting School (JAWS). Created as a senior-level school that runs 10½ months, JAWS provides training for students to become expert joint campaign planners.

The mission of the Joint Advanced Warfighting School is to develop strategic planners who are innovative, conceptual, and creative in their thinking. JAWS students are selected from the military ranks of O-5s and O-6s, interagency civilians with an equivalent rank, and international officers to be trained in multinational planning and war operations. Up to 14 students currently take part in each of three JAWS seminars.